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First day at school 

I started to draw a bronze statue of a Viking while coincidentally listening to some Nordic classical music on classical FM, it was strangely surreal. The Viking was good fun, I enjoy working with extreme light and shade, I love drawing to look metallic, I struggled with the colours of this one and the white pencil didn’t stand up when using it on top of other pencilled area so I learned that you have to do the white first (or I found it easier anyway). In Bodypainting I usually start with the mid tone colours and work out finishing off with the darkest shadows and brightest highlights to really make the image pop but pencils are a different ball game. I’ve definitely not got the dimensions right of the hat and the horns, lots of things don’t match up to the picture so I’m going to need to learn how to draw more accurately (maybe I’ll try a grid system next time?) But all in all I’m really happy with my first pencil attempt.

I’m going to post my progress because I want to improve. My art will not always be accurate, it will not always be finished and it will definitely not always be any good but I’m hoping you as a reader will be supportive, give constructive criticism and enjoy the journey with me.

Ha det bra!

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