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Grapefruit pearls, who knew!

No blog post about drawing today, we’ve been baking.

Two of my best friends have invited themselves over for dinner tonight, I suppose that’s how you know they are your best friends.  I’m making a mixed vegetable, slow cooked pie and couldn’t decide what to make for dessert.

I get a veg box every week and sometimes have things left over that I’m not quite sure what to do with. This week I had four grapefruits which were too much for me to eat on my own so I searched for grapefruit desserts and came across some grapefruit and watercress baked doughnuts. I happened to have everything already, including only one egg, just one teaspoon of vanilla paste left and (can you believe it) my other veg box loner, a bag of watercress!

I messed up the batter slightly, it didn’t seem runny enough so in my infinite wisdom decided to add more grapefruit juice, I THEN remembered the butter was still in the microwave. I’m going to blame the distraction of baking them with a two year old.


I don’t have a doughnut tray so I improvised. The first half went into mini muffin cases, the second half I added chia seeds and used a yorkshire pudding tin. Both are delicious, but I had to add more sugar over the top of the glaze and grapefruit pearls because they are pretty tart due to my previously mentioned idiocy.


Absolutely LOVED the revelation that soaking grapefuit segments in olive oil separates the grapefruit pearls.  It’s a bit fiddly but such a wonderful addition to the recipe.  I’ll definitely remember it for future culinary adventures.

Great recipe though and a lovely rainy day activity.   It managed to distract the toddler from watching another Pixar movie for a couple of hours too.

You can view the full recipe here …

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