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I love to body paint.  I love creating optical illusions using the glorious canvas that is the human body and I love the temporary, perishable, bittersweet beauty in that we have to take a photo to capture this moment before all the pigment gets washed down the drain.  It all has to be perfected in one day.  There’s no getting tired, sleeping on it and coming back to it in the morning.  Models get restless, they get cramp, they get cold, they get hungry, and crabby, they are humans!  It’s an incredible challenge.  Personalities emerge from the experience that nobody knew existed.  I’ve known women to feel empowered by the experience, I’ve had someone tell me that being painted enabled her to overcome lifelong fears and embrace her body.  It’s a beautiful process that lasts just hours and then it’s gone, the body returns to normal and all we have is the memories of the day and an image to remind us that everything is impermanent.

#BodyPaint #Challenge #Paint #Oneshot #Embraceyourbody #Impermanent #Bittersweet #Memories #Pigment #Empowered #Lifelongfears #OpticalIllusion

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