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I’m looking for an art class, I was considering a college course but being a tour-widow with a toddler, a dog, two cats and a couple of businesses to run, I have a similar amount of spare time as a Spanish donkey.  I had grand ideas of starting a college course and of somehow shoehorning in two full days at college per week.  It was going to be amazing and I was going to be SuperArtyMum and be magical and amazing and … and … and Tommer was the voice of reason and thwarted my plans.   I countervailed, there was a moment of slight disharmony (I cried) and then I realised he was absolutely right and I don’t have the time.  The course sounded so good but I know it’s something that can be considered later on.  So for now I’d like to find an evening class or art mentor, something that will get me trying different techniques and styles to what I’m used to.  The bewitchery about art is that you never finish learning, there is so much knowledge and so many skills to gain and master, they are all so intertwined that when you improve in one medium you also improve in another.

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