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Mum, I’m in the Times!


One leg under the covers, the other on top, bed hair that would give David Bowie a run for his money and dribble on the pillow.  I’m finally roused from my beauty sleep(!) with a barrage of text messages and phone calls.  I roll over and glance at the preview screen of my mobile:

Sarah: “Do you have any ginger bread cutters?” Mum: “We’re having Christmas pudding for dessert on Sunday because I haven’t eaten any yet this year.” Terri: “Did Darcey leave her school bag in your car?” Will: “Morning Kate, big pic in today’s Times!”


It’s in the Times??  It’s in the TIMES!!  Oh my goodiness it’s in the Times!

The first piece in the collection “Flaunt” (photography by the extraordinary David Charleston Matthews) is on page FOUR.  Well that woke me up!  Looks like today is going to be a good day too, even with my mother-out-law over for lunch, three under two’s trashing my house and Disney’s Frozen on repeat.

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