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Proud to be a Bristolian and a tribute to Lorraine McKeag

The Bristol Evening Post wrote a superlative article about ‘Life in Flight’ on their website last week (click

here to read online article) and followed it with a FRONT PAGE image on the Weekend Post newspaper. I’m so chuffed to be included in the paper at all but to have one of my images adorning the front page was absolutely amazing. I love Bristol, it’s my home and I’m so proud to be a part of such a vibrant, colourful and interesting city.

I shared the front page with a heartbreaking story of a Mum, Lorraine McKeag who sadly lost her life in a freak accident on the M32. The story focussed on James, Lorraine’s son who paid such a beautiful tribute to his beloved Mother that really struck a chord with me. James, who also lost his Father in 2012 said:

“I’ve lost my mum, best friend, mentor and cheerleader, but rather than get into a cathartic cycle of grief I want to be the absolute best I can be – I’ve had the privilege of learning from the most selfless, positive, tireless and kooky person imaginable and to live life like she did hers would be the best tribute I can think of.”

It filled me with wonder that someone who had been through such a terrible time could find such beautiful words and have such an incredibly positive attitude. I couldn’t help but cry while reading the article to my sister.

James, from your account your Mum sounds like an amazing woman. I truly hope I can inspire my daughter the way your Mum moved you.

James is running three marathons in April to raise funds for the Stroke association and in memory of both his Mum and Dad. Good luck James. To sponsor James in his crazy challenge please visit his Just Giving page

Or to read the whole story click here

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