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Stuff what got done

It’s been a bit all over the place to be honest

  1. I played an incredibly intimate gig in London singing backing vocals for the brilliant Sian Cross (

  2. I took Jemima for her first dentist appointment, she wasn’t impressed, she didn’t get a sticker.

  3. Tommer and I went on an awesome “Shag do” (stag and hen do combined for you dirty minded gits) to some stunning holiday cottages in deepest, darkest West Somerset.

  4. We discovered that the morning after the biggest night of a “Shag do” should NEVER include a visit to a kids soft play centre for a first birthday party.

  5. We’ve all had colds and viruses which we’ve been generously passing back and forth between the three of us.  The family that sneeze together … can’t breathe together?

  6. I’ve been planning a couple of different body painting collaborations which is exciting me enough to make me squeal involuntarily.

  7. I painted the pregnant bellies of my two best friends Cat and Feefer into a beautiful Bristol landscape – pics to follow.

  8. Tommer and I took our third skiing lesson and we’re now ACE at it.

  9. My kitchen sink got blocked so I took apart the plumbing in the kitchen, removed the blockage and saved the day.

  10. Jemima’s second trip to A&E for suspected Meningitis turned out to be a weird viral rash, phew!

  11. Kebab, the cat brought in a massive water rat this morning and dismembered it in the lounge.

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