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Tuesday Tomfoolery

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I started this year with intentions to paint more, be more creative and more productive.  I wasn’t quite expecting the January that I got.

On Tuesday I popped to Clevedon to visit some friends who had just brought home Edward, a naughty little three day old baby who decided to grace the world five weeks prematurely.  We wouldn’t mind him arriving so early but I was due to paint his Mummy’s bump the week after, spoilsport!

We were in a little gift shop in the heart of the town looking for a present for Edward when I received a phone call letting me know that the Daily Mail had written an article about my recent body painting collection “Life in Flight”.  I finished the call, told the whole shop the news (well what else was I to do?) and excitedly typed “Kate Spinks Dean Daily Mail” into Google. I waited …

… and waited …

… phone signal in Clevedon is awful!

Finally, up popped the article along with images of the whole collection.  We bought Edward a card and a money box, the lovely lady in the shop was just as excited about it all as we were I think!  Edward was gorgeous, we had lots of cuddles, a quick picture next to our 18 month old “baby” Jemima (who looks like a beefcake next to him) and left him with Mummy and Daddy to have the rest of the day free from visitors.

View the Daily Mail article here …

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