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Under pressure.

A very quick post from me because I’m shattered.  It’s been my first night off in weeks and I’d planned to write a blog post, maybe do some drawing and get an early night.   Instead I corked my map of the world board ready for a new map of the world (continuous improvement, remember?) and watched a crap load of TV.  Everyone needs a night off every now and again.

My art classes are going really well, I’m not overly happy with the things I’m producing but that’s the point of it!  I’m learning, I’m trying new mediums and best of all I’m challenging myself and facing my fears.  Last week I did a still life drawing of my keys.  I learnt that it’s ridiculously difficult to do still life on something so close, you change your sitting position just a tiny bit and the whole subject looks completely different, the angles change dramatically, the proportions, everything!  It sounds ridiculously obvious but I’ve never dealt with this before.  I think there is loads of work to be done here, I was nowhere near finished but I think it was great to do something under pressure, I’m going to do a lot more of that I think, only allow myself the one class to finish a picture, I think it’ll really help me to grow.


In today’s class I went and sat outside in the sunshine and found a lovely little spot to do some soft pastel drawing.  This was my second attempt, the first one I was trying to get too much in and lost the focus of the lovely door with its gorgeously cast shadows.  Similarly to last week’s piece it’s nowhere near finished, I’d have loved to have had the time to add some details in the ivy and the beautiful pink flowers that surrounded the archway but I spent too much time trying to get the wood in the archway right.


Perspective again was a bit of a pain and trying to draw a straight line was also quite difficult.  I really enjoyed using pastels though, they are really forgiving and are great for layering colours and textures.  I’m looking forward to doing some more pastel drawings.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of any humour or even any smidgin of entertainment, my brain is absolutely not in it’s most agile state at the moment but I had to post before I forgot it all.

Sleep, I need sleeeeeep!

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