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Introducing our stunning Gerbera design 'Stand tall', perfect for adding a touch of vibrant floral beauty to your fine art body painting collection. This intricate design features three lifelike gerberas painted on the feet, creating a captivating and surreal visual effect. Each petal is meticulously detailed and shaded to create a realistic and awe-inspiring representation of these beloved flowers. The striking colours and attention to detail make this design a standout piece for any fine art body painting enthusiast. Bring the beauty of nature to life with our Gerbera design and elevate your body painting to the next level.

Signed, limited edition.

Giclée print.

300gsm matt/uncoated paper

16x16" unframed.

Model - Spinks

Fine art, bodypainting print.
Gerbera art print
Flower art print.

'Stand Tall' gerbera art print

SKU: Stand Tall

  • 'Stand tall' gerbera is a celebration of strength, pride and perserverence.

    Model - Spinks

    Photographer - Sean New

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