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20" x 20", limited edition prints.


Printed in the UK and Europe, end-to-end carbon neutral, on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag


The materials used to produce your order have been carefully selected to reduce our impact on the environment whilst still ensuring your orders get to you in perfect condition.

  • Sustainably sourced Inkjet papers
  • Recyclable packaging envelopes
  • Recyclable cardboard stiffeners
  • Paper tape made from 100% recycled fibres
  • Biodegradable bubble wrap
  • 100% recycled polypropylene corner protectors
  • Recyclable bio-polyethylene frame protection

'Infatuation' Hummingbird

SKU: Infatuation
  • 'Infatuation' Hummingbird.

    This piece really signifies the draw towards the next stage in your life. The moment when you want more than just attraction, you want something bigger, better and more meaningful.  I love the position of the Hummingbird's beak, it's part of the bird but it's made up from an arm reaching out from the Honeysuckle, drawing it in to the nectar.  It suggests that although the beak is part of the bird, there are external forces at work making the temptation of the nectar instinctive. 

    Photographer - Jim Johnston

    Models - Gemma Tidball, Lorna Thomas, Emily Gardiner, Tamlyn Haddock, Lisa George, Harriet Brine, Lorena Fernandez, Caroline Churchill, Kate Older, Hannah Johns, Toni Balmforth, Chloe Borg


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