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Introducing our captivating "Stare at me" body paint print, featuring a stunning body-painted torso in the form of a black and gold fingerprint with a bold red scar running through the middle. This thought-provoking print speaks to individuals facing body confidence issues and encourages embracing scars as part of one's unique journey. Each intricate detail of the body paint design is captured in high-quality and fine art paper, making it a captivating addition to any art collection. This print serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty and strength found in embracing one's imperfections, making it a meaningful and empowering piece for any space. Embrace the art of body positivity and self-love with our "Stare at me" body paint print.

Limited edition.

Giclée print.

300gsm matt/uncoated paper

16x16" unframed.

Part of the 'The World as I' collaboration with singer/songwriter Sian Cross.

Model Sian Cross

Photography Victoria Evans

Limited edition art.

Fine art, bodypainting print.

Black and gold fine art print.

'Stare at me' body paint print

SKU: Stare At Me
  • 'Stare at Me' – Identification

     “[Self-Actualizing people have] a deep feeling of identification, sympathy and affection for human beings in general. They feel kinship and connection as if all people were members of a single family.”

    Model- Sian Cross

    Photography - Victoria Evans


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