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Welcome to our collection of fine art bodypainting prints featuring the vibrant and symbolic sunflower. Each print showcases the intricate detail and creative artistry of our talented bodypainting artists. In this unique piece, a sunflower is beautifully painted on multiple people's feet and hands, with each person's extremity serving as the pistil of the flower. The blending of colors, textures, and shapes create a stunning visual representation of this iconic flower. The sunflower has long been admired as a symbol of happiness, positivity, and strength, and our bodypainting print captures the essence of this beautiful bloom in a truly artistic and original way. With the careful attention to detail and skillful technique of our artists, this sunflower bodypainting print is sure to make a statement in any space. Whether you are a fan of bold and eye-catching art pieces or simply appreciate the beauty of the sunflower, this bodypainting print is a must-have for any fine art collection. Add a touch of creative flair and nature-inspired elegance to your home or office with this stunning sunflower bodypainting print.
Signed, limited edition.

Giclée print.

300gsm matt/uncoated paper

16x16" unframed.
Sunflower art print.
Flower art print.

'Sunflower' flower art print

SKU: Sunflower
  • 'Sunflower' is a celebration of togetherness, positivity and unity.

    Models - Laura Woodruff, Jayne Watkins, Charlotte Dean, Sarah Martin, Julie Gardner, Fiona Mills, Ruth Garner, Pauline Williams, Anne Dean, Alex Watkins, Joe Watkins, Tom Sheppard

    Photographer - Nigel Dean


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