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Kaleidoscope style image of bodypainted woman




Body painting and watercolour art

Fine art bodypainting by Spinks

"You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right”. 
Rosa Parks

Allow your imagination to be freed by Spinks’ innovative and compelling creations, where boundaries are pushed through inspired and courageous expression.  It is our compassion as humans that binds us, one to the other, providing the light of hope to the junctures of obscurity.

Through the medium of body art, Spinks grips us by the hand and leads us on a journey of light in to a world that challenges conformity and convention, questions our social responsibility and creates a narrative in which to engage.

With Varangian commitment to social issues that affect us all, Spinks seeks to reach an audience with her art that is humanising through the delicate, tangible and beauty of the human form, art that is sentient and edifying, art that in its very creation gives thought provoking depth to every aspect. So take a moment to look and then look again ...

Critically acclaimed and World recognised body-painting artist Spinks, lives and works in the South West of England. Spinks seeks to raise awareness through body-painting to world issues that affect us all, as well as wowing us with some of the most creative, enthralling and imaginative body-painting pieces designed to motivate and engage.

A regular judge, attendee and winner of numerous body-painting competitions, Spinks has also had commissions on show for the Museum of London and multiple UK gallery exhibitions.

Follow IamSpinksart on Instagram, Twitter TikTok and Facebook for information on new projects, invites to events, sales and opportunity to take part in installations.

Gerberas body painted on feet with a black background.
Bodypainted image of a pregnant woman with a bubble in her tummy floating to the surface of the sea.

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