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Own the whole 'Life In Flight' collection.


Six signed, limited edition prints.


20" x 20"
UNFRAMED, Print only

Life in Flight whole collection.

  • 'Life in Flight' is a reflection of a personal journey through my life, from past to present and to future.  The peacock represents our young selves dressing up, showing our feathers and - whether consciously or not - trying to find a mate.  The satisfaction when someone takes notice and the endorphins that are released contribute to the appetite for attention even further.  The peacock was created with 8 models and took 12 hours to complete.  

    50 x 50cm signed, limited edition prints

    Photographer - Dave Matthews

    Models - Charlie Dean, Sarah Howell, Poppy, Roxy Grubb, Kaylie Morgan, Kirstie Marr, Ellie Jones, Rose Hooke


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