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Introducing 'Tell Anybody', amesmerizing piece of fine art body painting that delves into the concept of identity and the different faces we present to the world. This thought-provoking print captures the essence of the question of unmasking: who are you really behind the various masks you wear? With its intricate brush strokes and captivating use of colour, this piece is sure to spark conversations about the complexities of human nature and the masks we all wear to navigate through life. Created by the talented and renowned body painter, this print is a must-have for those who appreciate art that challenges the mind and sparks introspection. Add a touch of depth and mystery to your space with the 'Tell Anybody' mask print and inspire meaningful conversations about the masks we all wear.
Limited edition.

Giclée print.

300gsm matt/uncoated paper

16x16" unframed.

Part of the 'The World as I' collaboration with singer/songwriter Sian Cross.

Model Adam Williams

Photography Victoria Evans

Limited edition art.
Fine art, bodypainting print.

Black and gold fine art print.
Unmasking art print.

'Tell Anybody' mask print

SKU: Tell Anybody
  • Tell Anybody - Embrace the unknown

    “What a man can be he must be. This need we call Self-Actualization.”

    Model - Adam Williams

    Photography - Victoria Evans


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